Moraine View – Tall Timber Trail

Our spirits were high when we set out to walk this 1.5 mile backpack trail in Moraine View this morning. Punchy and Bossy were excited to explore.

tall timber

Part one: the Tall Timber Trail. This is a beautiful, peaceful, easy hike. The timbers are truly tall, and the chirping of birds is all that can be heard once you’re in the woods. There are ten marked tent camping spots to choose from, if that’s your thing.

We reminded our children about the first rule of nature: take only pictures, leave only footprints. Punchy said “I am not going to take this rock. I’m going to leave it here so a chicken can eat it.” (We did not see any chickens on our hike.)


The trail has two pretty footbridges that go over what is, right now, a glorified puddle. At some points in the year, it is probably an actual stream.


Last week J told the boys that the gurgling of water was one of her favorite sounds in the world. That must have made an impression on Bossy, who said “Mommy, I heard your favorite sound! A frog giggled!”

Part two: the Trail of Snails

of this one, Punchy said “His ears are out!”

There were tiny snails all over this trail. It was bizarre. Punchy found the first one and was heartbroken that we wouldn’t let him keep it. “I just want to pick that snail up and keep it forever,” he said. “I just love snails.”

We were all interested in the first, oh…two or three snails. The next 997 snails we found were less interesting for J and A, but increasingly interesting to Punchy and Bossy. By the end, mommy was nudging snails off the trail so the boys wouldn’t notice them and force us all to examine another one.


Part three: The Trail of Tears

At 1.5 miles, this trail was just a little too long for Punchy and Bossy, who had stayed up late watching a movie the night before. A tried to institute a quiet “nature minute” to staunch the whining, but Punchy interrupted by saying “I have something really important. Are bees real?”

By the end, we were all frazzled. J had Punchy on her hip while A gave Bossy a ride on his shoulders. We were happy to see our car at the end.

Experience 5/5

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Bug spray is a MUST!

Kid-Friendly 3/5

  • Easy, well-maintained trails
  • An outhouse nearby (not that we use these because peeing on trees is FUN!)
  • Picnic areas and playgrounds
  • Safe
  • Slightly too long for little legs

Dog-Friendly 5/5

  • A water pump near the entrance and exit for thirsty pups
  • Easy trails

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