Lake Sara – Effingham, IL


Every year, J’s family treks to Effingham, IL to stay in cabins on Lake Sara, at a place called Anthony Acres. This is “camping” – or as close to it as J usually gets – including a mattress with box springs and air conditioning.

Punchy and Bossy have been coming here since they were babies, and they enjoyed it more than ever this year. Bossy is five now and can actually engage in a bit of fishing with J’s dad. Punchy enjoyed the wildlife.

Anthony Acres has a small beach that is fun for kids and appropriately gross and slimy to adults. There’s a dock for jumping off and a shallow end for kids Punchy and Bossy’s ages.


New this year is a playground set that we enjoyed helping to break in. The cute little office has a wide variety of candy for purchase, which Bossy in particular loves to peruse.



The highlight of the weekend, of course, is going out on boat rides with J’s dad. The real estate along the lake is impressive – there is always a new mansion being built. The nature is breathtaking. We saw blue herons taking flight, gulping fish down in one swallow. We saw turtles sunning themselves on logs. We saw baby raccoons prowling around in their den. We saw a fawn taking a drink from the lake. The breeze on the lake is refreshing.

No real hiking took place this weekend, but A and J did take a nice walk along the golf course and saw some bullfrogs. Overall, Lake Sara gets 5/5 for family friendly summer fun. We didn’t bring our dogs on the trip, but dogs are welcome.